Personal Sample

Request a sample of your own future-proof printing process

Experience what Digital Textile Printing can do for your specific printing line and experience a future-proof way of manufacturing.

As a textile manufacturer, your goal is quite clear. Maintaining a high and consistent printing quality that complies with all your specifications. Of course, your manufacturing process has to remain qualitative, also in the years to come. 

Are you ready to make your printing process future-proof?


Request a Sample and find out how to do just that. Based on our expertise in Digital Printing and your current situation we will define the optimal approach for your sample.

Together we discuss the result and finetune if necessary. In the end, it is up to you to conclude if Digital Textile Printing is adding value for you and your customers.


Request a Sample and find out:

  • How you make your specific printing process future-proof;
  • What your end products look like if printed with a Digital Textile Printer;
  • How Digital Textile Printing adds value for you or your customers.