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Get ready for the future with ARCHER+Pro technology

Maximize the print performance of your digital textile printer with the new ARCHER+Pro technology.

Although digital textile printing has helped to increase quality levels, to accelerate time-to-market and to create completely new business models, there are also challenges to maintain a high and consistent printing quality.

Are you ready to take the performance of your digital textile printer to the next level?

The ARCHER+ whitepaper offers you insight into the relevancy of the print head and explores the critical role of ARCHER+ technology in enabling the customer to benefit fully from the advantages of digital printing to meet the industry’s most pressing market needs.

Download the ARCHER+Pro whitepaper and learn about:

  • Extending the life span of your printheads;
  • Maintaining optimal and consistent print quality over time;
  • Failing nozzle compensation and non-uniformity correction;

Find out what ARCHER+Pro can do for the performance of your digital textile printers here.