WTiN and SPGPrints are happy to inform you that conference visitors get the chance to enroll for a unique tour to the Digital Printing Experience Center in Boxmeer, and receive a live demonstration of flagship (single-pass Digital Textile Printer) PIKE.

Is Digital Printing the future-proof solution for your textile printing challenges? Remain relevant in the new industrial order and enroll for this unique tour by filling in the form.


  • When: October 25 (Day 1 of Textile 4.0)
  • Time schedule: 5 PM - 11 PM
  • Good food and drinks will be taken care of
  • A  bus will take you from the Novotel in Amsterdam to Boxmeer and back
  • Ask specialists all the questions you have about Digital Textile Printing.

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The results you can expect with the PIKEĀ® Digital Textile Printer

1200 dpi

Native resolution, 2 - 10pl variable drop size

With a full-width array of Fujifilm Samba print heads, modified in a joint project for optimum performance in textile printing.

2.5 years

Warranty on the print heads

The 'Archer Print Head Programme' eliminates the typical print head worries such as high costs and unpredictable failures.

4 mm

Distance between print head and fabric

ArcherĀ® technology allows a distance of 3 - 5mm from the substrate surface. This eliminates the risk of 'head strikes'.

Visit the Experience Center during the Textile 4.0 conference

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