Proof of Concept

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Experience what Rotary Screen Printing can do for your specific Printed Electronics line.

As a Printed Electronics manufacturer, your goal is quite clear. Maintaining a high and consistent printing quality that complies with all your specifications.

Are you ready to take your Printed Electronics to the next level?


Based on your current situation and the challenges you face, we will define the optimal approach of the Proof of Concept. Together we discuss the result and finetune if necessary until we are all happy with the result. In the end, it is up to you to conclude if Rotary Screen Printing is adding value for you and your customers!

Request a Proof of Concept and find out:

  • What Rotary Screen Printing can do for your Printed Electronics;
  • How you can maintain optimal and consistent print quality;
  • How Rotary Screen Printing adds value for you or your customers.

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