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Selection Guide for Textile Printing Ink

Select the type of ink that best suits your production process and excel in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

As a printing company, you will always aim for the best designs and fabrics. The type of ink you use plays a big role in the quality of your printing results. But how do you know which type of ink best suits your printing process? And how does this ink make sure your results and customer satisfaction will improve? 

Are you eager to learn everything there is to know about textile printing ink?

Our free Selection Guide for Textile Printing Ink offers you insight into the critical role of ink types in improving printing results and takes you through the process of choosing the perfect ink. 

Download the Selection Guide and learn about:

  • Different ink types on the market;
  • Suitable inks for digital as wel as rotary screen printing;
  • Do's and Don'ts within the process of selecting your ideal ink;

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